George Bobholz

(1904 - 1957)

George Frank was one of seven children born to Herman Ferdinand and Amelia (Ehlert) Bobholz. His father, immigrated to the United States and settled near Fountain Prairie, Wisconsin where George was born on April 13, 1904. As a result of the farming family  he was unable to finish even grade school. His education was gained by use of his intelligence, experiences, imagination, drive and determination.

In 1924 Bobholz married Viola Neitzel and by the following year they had moved to Milwaukee. It was late in the 1920's when he took up the art of painting. Whether as a hobby or a means of adding to the family income is not known. Neither is he known nor believed to have ever received any instruction in the craft, but by the mid 1930's, he was to be found listed in the city directory under the heading of "artist."

Literally going door to door in the 1930's, especially along affluent Lake Drive on the Milwaukee lakefront of Lake Michigan, the artist took orders and sold his work. Also during the 1930's, family lore has the artist teaching at

George Bobholz