Daniel Fleming

Artist Statement:

My work is archetypal: visually abstract but conceptually specific. I use symbols and associations of symbols that constitute a theme or narrative. Exploration of materials and ideas is a large part of my creative process, and I do not limit myself by tradition or habit.

My physical process is intentionally raw, direct, intuitive, vigorous and spontaneous.

Recent developments in my work are both material and conceptual. At the material level, I have gone from working only with paint on canvas to incorporating a wide variety of media. Emphasizing texture creates greater symbolic, expressive and aesthetic depth in my work. At the conceptual level, I have evolved a style of using highly symbolic images: one predominant subject intermingles with an array of other symbols to represent a central theme.

My work is an extension of modernism with emphases upon new symbols used in new ways and with materials of myriad kind.The result is powerful: powerful form

Daniel Fleming
Dig by Daniel Fleming
20 x 48 in.
Exile by Daniel Fleming
20 x 16 in.
Free Lunch by Daniel Fleming
Free Lunch
60 x 48 in.
I am an Island by Daniel Fleming
I am an Island
48 x 63 in.
Lost in the Woods by Daniel Fleming
Lost in the Woods
48 x 52 in.
Rebirth by Daniel Fleming
20 x 48 in.
Recalling a Walk at Dawn by Daniel Fleming
Recalling a Walk at Dawn
54 x 66 in.
Sat on the Couch by Daniel Fleming
Sat on the Couch
54 x 48 in.
Slide by Daniel Fleming
20 x 48 in.
Sprung by Daniel Fleming
60 x 30 in.
The Best Intentions Messenger Service by Daniel Fleming
The Best Intentions Messenger ...
36 x 60 in.
The Town on the Red River by Daniel Fleming
The Town on the Red River
24 x 30 in.