Tom Gross

(1938 - 2012)

Artist Statement:

Since 1984, my work has focused on the process of casting. In 1986, the focus narrowed to ceramic slip casting. Since then, the struggle has been in the acquisition of technical skills and the accumulation of experience peculiar to ceramic slip casting. The initial goals were to maximize size and complexity in two-piece molds, develop compatible clay and glaze bodies, and refine color. The current goal is to use the acquired knowledge as a vehicle for personal expression in this medium.

The esthetics have grown out of pluralistic and expansive developments in postmodern architecture. A general love of world architecture through the ages has added to an ever-expanding source of images and systems. At present, the inclination is to make things of beauty and harmony; a new lyricism, if you like. In po mo (postmodern) jargon, a reaction to de con's (deconstruction) potential for destabilizing energy and random anger.

Tom Gross
White Ocular Vessel by Tom Gross
White Ocular Vessel
10 x 10 x 10 in.