Harvey Littleton

(1922, Corning, NY – 2013, Spruce Pine, NC)

Harvey Littleton was born in 1922 in Corning, New York to Jesse Talbolt Littleton, the first physicist to enter the glass industry in Corning. Growing up, Harvey went to the plant on Saturdays and while his father worked, Harvey sat in front of a Bunsen burner and played with glass beakers. Due to his exposure and encouragement from his father, Harvey was destined to go into the business of industrial design and glass production. Harvey even went to school at the University of Michigan to pursue a career as a physicist, but soon felt drawn to his elective art classes.

When World War II came, Harvey was sent to Italy and Algiers where he became inspired by various glass designs found in churches and other buildings. Because of the GI Bill, Harvey had the advantage of studying at the Brighton School of Art in England to further pursue his art career. He then returned to study at the University of Michigan Art School to complete his Bachelors of Design degree.

Harvey thus began his career as a potter, founding the Potter’s Guild in An

Harvey Littleton
Untitled by Harvey Littleton
12.75 x 6 in.