Margaret Lockwood

Artist Statement:

I constantly desire to paint canvases that create the feeling of space. My tools are color relationships, layers of atmosphere and rhythmic interludes. I want each work to gently welcome viewers into a peaceful place within the painting and within themselves. The work sometimes begins with looking at the surrounding landscape or often begins as a conversation with the painting before it.  No matter how they are started, the real work comes in the doing, while I am in the middle of it all, with the canvas covered and the spiritual nature of the work taking form.  I am required to have trust in the unknown and yet-to-be, remaining open to change and chance along the way, but also to direct the creation.

In Door County, WI I lived in the woods and then in a farmhouse with open fields all around.  The work is overwhelmingly a response to my appreciation of the fragile beauty of those remembered trees and the peacefulness of fleeting light and color across the fields and in the clouds above. I respond to the atmosphere and the private spaces and moments still to be found in our environment and daily lives as we have entered the 21st century.&nb

Margaret Lockwood
Before Night by Margaret Lockwood
Before Night
24 x 20 in.
Coming Storm by Margaret Lockwood
Coming Storm
44 x 48 in.
Field of Wind by Margaret Lockwood
Field of Wind
44 x 40 in.
Forgotten Path by Margaret Lockwood
Forgotten Path
48 x 44 in.
Homecoming by Margaret Lockwood
36 x 48 in.
Horizons II by Margaret Lockwood
Horizons II
54 x 40 in.
Imagine by Margaret Lockwood
60 x 54 in.
Reflections / Shadows II by Margaret Lockwood
Reflections / Shadows II
40 x 44 in.