Joan Zingale

Artist Statement:

I am constantly drawn to and inspired by the colors, forms, shapes, light and patterns found in nature: flowers, leaves, water, trees, and the canyons of the Southwest.

I’m always on the hunt for things that catch my eye and then photograph them to remember them.

I don’t strive for realism or a true representation of the subject I’m painting. Working with acrylic, water color, and sometimes oil paint, I use the information from the photos I’ve collected and re-arrange them. By plucking pieces from various photos I construct new compositions that are my interpretation; my point of view.

Joan Zingale
Bryce Canyon by Joan Zingale
Bryce Canyon
24 x 28 in.
Desert Fantasy by Joan Zingale
Desert Fantasy
24 x 28 in.
Face of Zion by Joan Zingale
Face of Zion
30 x 34 in.
Winter Fantasy by Joan Zingale
Winter Fantasy
15 x 23 in.