Daniel Stauff

Artist Statement:

“For me, painting is an ever-present desire to explore different techniques and subject matter. I have traveled throughout the United States, the Americas and Europe to paint en Plein Air with a nod to their histories. I am currently experimenting with underpainting in color landscapes.”

In 2003 I began to also work on a series of paintings done from historical black and white photographs. These have expanded to the study of the Milwaukee River as it existed as a port from the 1880s to the present. A book has been Published of these paintings titled “Milwaukee’s Lost River Port".


Daniel Stauff
Autumn Red Tree by Daniel Stauff
Autumn Red Tree
6 x 8 in.
Canadian Pool, Killarney by Daniel Stauff
Canadian Pool, Killarney
18 x 24 in.
Holton St. Bridge with Ships by Daniel Stauff
Holton St. Bridge with Ships
24 x 30 in.
Mendota & Sinai Milwaukee River by Daniel Stauff
Mendota & Sinai Milwaukee Rive...
18 x 24 in.
Tug, Cleveland by Daniel Stauff
Tug, Cleveland
16 x 20 in.