Claudette Lee-Roseland

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Artistic Process:

My process involves the manipulation of color, value and shape.  I start with the application of many colors in a haphazard fashion infusing the canvas or board with energy.  Colors and shapes overlap one another.  At some point, I will cover the canvas with a transparent color which provides a unity to the painting.  When I begin, I have no preconceived idea of what it will become.  I use prearranged colors only when I am working on a commission.

My mind is active with the concepts of value, color combinations, subtly of color blendings, shapes and stroke lines.  Crayon is one of my constant tools.  I will use the crayons to create  color activity and construct shapes with line.  I am continually thinking of the balance between colors, values and shapes. My desire is to create a rich surface.

Composition and movement are very important to me.  Once I have the basic color combinations and value differences, my eye turns toward the movement throughout the painting as created by the shapes an

Claudette Lee-Roseland
Abstract 1 by Claudette Lee-Roseland
Abstract 1
7 x 5 in.
Abstract 3 by Claudette Lee-Roseland
Abstract 3
6 x 4 in.
Broken Asphalt by Claudette Lee-Roseland
Broken Asphalt
54 x 54 in.
Cracks in the Driveway by Claudette Lee-Roseland
Cracks in the Driveway
20 x 30 in.
Cycling by Claudette Lee-Roseland
24 x 18 in.
Dottie Daffodil by Claudette Lee-Roseland
Dottie Daffodil
12 x 12 in.
Fireworks by Claudette Lee-Roseland
24 x 24 in.
Geometric Red by Claudette Lee-Roseland
Geometric Red
24 x 48 in.
Hanging Geraniums by Claudette Lee-Roseland
Hanging Geraniums
54 x 54 in.
Heart of Downtown by Claudette Lee-Roseland
Heart of Downtown
36 x 36 in.
Moving On by Claudette Lee-Roseland
Moving On
30 x 30 in.
On Target by Claudette Lee-Roseland
On Target
24 x 18 in.