Joan Hollnagel

Artist Statement:

Anthropomorphism and humor defines much of my work. Human expression and our relationship to nature have given me a lifetime of subject matter. I want to remind people to look at the positive and funny side of life. To be human, is an understanding of ourselves and our relationship to each other and nature.

I work in mixed media, primarily acrylic and clay. My paintings are highly detailed and often embellished with pen and ink. My clay work is figurative with exaggerated human expressions to make light of our imperfections. My work has been labeled as sophisticated fantasy.

Joan Hollnagel
Anticipation by Joan Hollnagel
20 x 17 in.
Axel by Joan Hollnagel
Bonnie Bedelia by Joan Hollnagel
Bonnie Bedelia
Busy Bees by Joan Hollnagel
Busy Bees
Dwayne by Joan Hollnagel
Ethel by Joan Hollnagel
Fiona by Joan Hollnagel
Fish Transporter by Joan Hollnagel
Fish Transporter
18 x 14 in.
Flat Face Iris by Joan Hollnagel
Flat Face Iris