Sandra Pape

Artist Statement:

Being an artist is an activity of isolation and self determination.  

I am enthralled with the artistic process and when not making art I’m  either thinking, planning or dreaming about it.
 I am a self taught artist. My work is distinguished by it’s a edginess,  textural surfaces as well as its figurative imagery in an expressionistic way.

My work is intuitive, I work without restrictions and often without a preconceived idea. Chance is a positive force for me.

My art has many layers in meanings, often the visual connections are unexpected with an element of surprise and mystery. Being the artist is just part of the equation, the other being the viewer. It is always great when the viewer can connect or make their own interpretations from my work.

I favor both painting and collage equally often working with the two mediums simultaneously.

Sandra Pape
A Walk in the Wild by Sandra Pape
A Walk in the Wild
21 x 25 in.
Catch of the Day by Sandra Pape
Catch of the Day
17 x 39 in.
The Bathers by Sandra Pape
The Bathers
14 x 17 in.
The Gathering by Sandra Pape
The Gathering
15 x 18 in.
The Gift by Sandra Pape
The Gift
21 x 26 in.