Ken Stark

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Artist Biography:

Ken Stark is a life-long artist who has mostly lived and painted in Illinois and Wisconsin. He also enjoys plein-air painting in Georgia and the American Southwest. He is largely self-taught, having studied only briefly at Art Center School in Los Angeles.

Over the years, Ken has had solo shows of his original paintings in galleries and museums in Wisconsin and Illinois. He has also participated in a few group shows in Wisconsin and Georgia. Ken works in oil, casein, gouache, pen and ink, and watercolor.

In addition, Ken has illustrated and/or written f

Ken Stark
Alice on the Farmall by Ken Stark
Alice on the Farmall
10 x 20 in.
Auction by Ken Stark
9 x 12 in.
Driftless Rembrandt by Ken Stark
Driftless Rembrandt
9 x 12 in.
Generations by Ken Stark
12 x 12 in.
Reading the Obits by Ken Stark
Reading the Obits
11 x 14 in.
Smiling Farmer by Ken Stark
Smiling Farmer
8 x 10 in.
Snow & Ice by Ken Stark
Snow & Ice
16 x 20 in.
Splitting Wood by Ken Stark
Splitting Wood
12 x 16 in.
Talking on the Road by Ken Stark
Talking on the Road
9 x 12 in.