Susan Schuele

Artist Statement:

I am in love with vivid color. And music. And all forms of nature. I capture the souls of these true loves by marrying them together on a wood canvas. Vibrant, colorful stains are blended into the natural grain of bare wood with my hands. The art is given a title of a song whose lyrics and sound bring additional life to the piece.

I enjoy the transformation of a piece of wood from simple, timeless and organic to vibrant, colorful and abstract via its natural grain. Joy exudes from my pores as I use a new medium that allows me to feel the wood, push and caress the stain and fuel my soul. I paint unique, emotionally charged works of art on wood panels that have touched every sense during their therapeutic creation. These pieces benefit the beholder and the creator through the positivity and joy associated with colorful, abstract art.

Visual inspiration comes from breathtaking sunsets bursting with orange, landscapes filled with natural color, the subtle but sublime metallic golds and coppers in Raku pottery, the magnificent Rainbow Eucalyptus tree or the beaming contrast and glitter of colorful elements of nature such as geodes. When creating on wood, the grain of the wood itself drives this art and is perfect inspiration alone.

Music has always been integral in my life. Titling my artwork using song titles allows me to connect to each piece at another level of emotion by capturing the essence and joy of the ...

Susan Schuele
Amazing by Susan Schuele
36 x 36 in.
Chip Away the Stone by Susan Schuele
Chip Away the Stone
18 x 18 in.
Tapestry by Susan Schuele
24 x 24 in.