Paul Bobrowitz

Artist Statement:

Paul Bobrowitz has several approaches to creating art. Sometimes clearly-defined themes or  ideas come to him in a dream or through a commission. Then there’s the random results of  noodling around that produce surprising concepts and assemblages and whimsical sculptures.  Relationships are also an ongoing theme in Paul’s work: how everything we do effects our  environment,and our interactions with and on those around us. Certain material—including  found objects such as an unusually shaped piece of farm machinery, car parts or  manufacturing discards—call out to Paul in a loud voice, insisting they come to life as a  sculpture.

Cutting metal shapes and bending them to form, welding, grinding, polishing, drilling, fastening  and painting the metal are all processes Paul employs. Rocks and glass elements have also  been included in his work since early in his career. Kinetic energy and flowing water are  prevalent in his work. Recently Paul has begun using life-sized concrete and stone slabs that  he fastens together, which he then enhances with metal appendages.

Paul Bobrowitz
ArtistTree by Paul Bobrowitz
106 x 36 x 36 in.
Earth Mother by Paul Bobrowitz
Earth Mother
80 x 34 x 7 in.
Figure Foursome by Paul Bobrowitz
Figure Foursome
34 x 43 x 18 in.
Four Family by Paul Bobrowitz
Four Family
18 x 19 x 14 in.
Hand on Chin by Paul Bobrowitz
Hand on Chin
44 x 16 x 14 in.
Heels Overhead by Paul Bobrowitz
Heels Overhead
84 x 34 x 32 in.
Life's a Beach by Paul Bobrowitz
Life's a Beach
52 x 44 x 10 in.
MazeMan by Paul Bobrowitz
81 x 62 x 29 in.
Nature's Child by Paul Bobrowitz
Nature's Child
31 x 22 x 11 in.
OXOXO by Paul Bobrowitz
88 x 21 x 21 in.
Painted Flowers by Paul Bobrowitz
Painted Flowers
57 x 29 x 26 in.
Personal Globe by Paul Bobrowitz
Personal Globe
32 x 18 x 12 in.