Bruce Breckenridge

Artist Biography:

Throughout his seemingly disparate bodies of work, Breckenridge maintains a common theme, where familiar objects, symbols, and shapes, organize themselves almost magnetically into expressive and geometric Implosions.

A major preoccupation has been describing and defining space through the manipulation of form.  Although his work takes several distinct directions, ranging from digitally printed tile murals, to industrial slip casted sculptures,

consistently it is informed by mass production through both Breckenridge’s appropriation of everyday objects, and his use of industrial techniques.

Objects, historically personal in size and use, such as, tin cans, baby toys, and twigs, become ceramic, and intertwined with traditionally ceramic utilitarian objects: tiles, platters, and cups.

Equally ubiquitous among Breckenridge’s work, are references to typography, signage, and Trompe l’oeil, further echoing his exploration of mass production.

Bruce Breckenridge
A Leg by Bruce Breckenridge
A Leg
10 x 7 in.
Albatross by Bruce Breckenridge
15 x 12 in.
Carnival by Bruce Breckenridge
6 x 10 in.
Chartruse Legs by Bruce Breckenridge
Chartruse Legs
11.75 x 3.5 in.
Dalmation by Bruce Breckenridge
11 x 10.5 in.
Enigma Variation by Bruce Breckenridge
Enigma Variation
30 x 23 in.
House of Home by Bruce Breckenridge
House of Home
66 x 25 in.
In and Out by Bruce Breckenridge
In and Out
67 x 22 in.
Red M by Bruce Breckenridge
Red M
16 x 8 in.
That Space by Bruce Breckenridge
That Space
11.5 x 12 in.
The Duck Rocks by Bruce Breckenridge
The Duck Rocks
9.5 x 9 in.
Tree Top by Bruce Breckenridge
Tree Top
15 x 5 in.