Liz Phillips

Artist Statement:

The Way I See It…

Most artists find it difficult to sum up in a few words what it is that makes them tick.  I am no exception.  I’ve always been able to lose myself in my natural surroundings, absorbing the intricacies of natural objects, being awestruck by flowers or skies, being moved by the details or mood of a setting, or mesmerized by the movement of water.  These are the things that sustain me on a daily basis.

Whether my subject is an expansive landscape or an extreme close-up, it is frequently the color that draws me in.  But the quality of the light and shadows, the patterns and details all work together to tell a story and capture a fleeting moment.  Working from my own photos and scribbled or mental notes, images take shape with the aid of my computer, color pencils and my imagination.  Once I’ve worked out the idea on paper I lay down what I call “the bones” of the image on canvas and gradually add details until it feels complete.  I love the richness of color that oils provide and the flexibility of blending slowdrying paint directly on the su

Liz Phillips
Beachwalk by Liz Phillips
18 x 36 in.
Black Hills Exhibition by Liz Phillips
Black Hills Exhibition
30 x 40 in.
Exposed by Liz Phillips
20 x 30 in.
King's River, California by Liz Phillips
King's River, California
30 x 30 in.
Meadow's Eleven by Liz Phillips
Meadow's Eleven
15 x 30 in.
Petunia Spill by Liz Phillips
Petunia Spill
30 x 20 in.
Present by Liz Phillips
24 x 24 in.
Reflections by Liz Phillips
24 x 18 in.