Sue Bartfield

Artist Statement:

Insider ~ Outsider

My artwork defies easy categorization. I am a trained artist, yet my visual tendencies and energy are reflective of a seminal native impetus that is not studied, or bound by training.. I tap deeply rooted subconscious drive in my relentless exploration of media and subject matter. I find the mundane inspirational and express it in a playful explosion of forms, colors, carvings and energy.

My range of genre, over the years, has included large-scale assemblage pieces, semi-naturalistic drawings, highly fractured pieces, and carved, scratched and grooved canvas.. Unlike most artists, my range is not limited by style, but develops out of her relentless drive to create and recreate fundamental forms, shapes, colors, and subconscious imagery in an unlimited kaleidoscope of creative expressions. Nature and the exploration of mind are my principle inspirations, and from these emerge an uninhibited outburst of art.

Sue Bartfield
Blue Bird by Sue Bartfield
Blue Bird
36 x 46 in.
Dreamsicle by Sue Bartfield
36 x 48 in.
The Minotaur by Sue Bartfield
The Minotaur
34 x 38 in.