Cyndy Baran

Artist Statment:

“One inch ...One simple, little inch can change your life.”  

If it weren’t for that one little inch between me and that out-of-control city bus careening towards my car, I would have been trapped in that tangled pile of metal under the belly of the bus.  Instead, the lives of two young men were snatched away in an instant, and I walked away alive.  It was in that moment I decided that if I ever wanted to find my creative self, I had better get to it!" 

Leaving her business career behind, Cyndy went to work exploring her artistic voice, graduating from Watkins College of Art & Design, and she continues her studies with noted local and national artists.

“Creating Art resonates as a metaphor for my life. The push-pull of contrasting colors represents the push-pull of the daily demands we face.  We give, and we take; we struggle; we work; we compromise. The drips and dribbles of paint as it runs down the canvas mimics the meandering path we often take as we weave our way through life&rsqu

Cyndy Baran
Moonstruck by Cyndy Baran
30 x 18 in.
Over the Moon for You by Cyndy Baran
Over the Moon for You
30 x 24 in.
Rising from the Depths by Cyndy Baran
Rising from the Depths
36 x 24 in.