Debbie Callahan

Artist Statement:

The autobiographical nature of many of my paintings  is a therapy of sorts, and has given me-the opportunity to  look at  memories of myself as a little girl from  the  safer distance of years. I follow the trail of thoughts, the chaos  of that time when I had no voice, put them to paper and create beauty from the pain, a platform from which to be heard.I continue to delve  further into explorations of childhood, through figurative interpretations of myself and the world I knew.

Artist Biography:

Debbie Callahan was born and raised in South Bend, Indiana and from an early age showed interest in painting and drawing. In recent years she has worked primarily in chalk pastel, acrylic paint, and watercolor, doing mostly figurative and still life paintings. She paints traditional subject matter in an untraditional way.  Her lines are often hazy, colors muted and forms simplified.  The colors often run into each other.  Debbie’s compositions are rarely complicated; she prefers to keep the focus dir

Debbie Callahan
Child’s Dancer #49 by Debbie Callahan
Child’s Dancer #49
18 x 12 in.
Child’s Dancer #50 by Debbie Callahan
Child’s Dancer #50
14 x 12 in.