Christopher Behrs

Artist Statement:

My work is inspired both by nature and, more recently, by the events that shape our lives. What follows is a brief description of my approach and direction.

Landscape of all kinds has been the focus of much of my work. I am drawn to the structure, the color, the values, and the effects of light; the majesty as well as the subtle, fleeting beauty each day (and night) offers. I am especially driven to paint clouds and light. The transitory quality of each passing minute as the sun rises or sets is difficult to capture but offers the most satisfaction for me in my work. The wonders of our world supply an abundance of subject matter.

I also enjoy drawing the figure and am intrigued by the lives and events of everyday people, whether attending a festival, playing softball, of just sitting on a park bench. It has only been in the past few years, however, that I have begun to actively pursue painting onsite. In capturing the essence of an event; the excitement, drama or mood becomes far more important than an accurate study of each detail. I make it a point to get inside the crowd to best capture the feelings I’m trying to

Christopher Behrs
Canyon River - UP by Christopher Behrs
Canyon River - UP
20 x 15 in.
Michigan Sunset by Christopher Behrs
Michigan Sunset
23 x 18 in.
Thank You Very Much by Christopher Behrs
Thank You Very Much
20 x 13 in.
True Colors by Christopher Behrs
True Colors
14 x 11 in.