Denise Presnell

Artist Statement / Biography:

From the time I was a child growing up on the plains of Nebraska - Nature was and continues to be my muse. At home in the woods or along a river bank, there is a deep connection that transcends words and a sense of time. Color and texture blur the lines between abstraction and representational imagery as intuition becomes the guide to the completion of a piece, whether it is a painting, pastel, print or mixed media. I relish the layering of color and line in the process of building an image that allows the viewer to see all the way through the layers to the very first brushstrokes of color.

My formal training began with a BFA in Printmaking and Drawing from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln and carried on through a concentration in Painting & Drawing through the Pennsylvania State University where I received an MFA. Now a full time artist, the majority of my 31-year teaching career was located in Wisconsin. My studio and new home is in Eau Claire, WI -  where there is an endless bounty of natural inspiration.

I consider making art a continual learning process. I am always eager to learn a new metho

Denise Presnell
Absurd Ripples by Denise Presnell
Absurd Ripples
36 x 28.75 in.
Another Wild Hair by Denise Presnell
Another Wild Hair
29.5 x 37.5 in.
Evergreen Reflections by Denise Presnell
Evergreen Reflections
19 x 29 in.
Koi Ripples III by Denise Presnell
Koi Ripples III
35 x 25.5 in.