Bobbie Brown

Artist Statement:

I want my paintings to be interpretations of nature that evoke an emotional response, invite the viewer's imagination, and share my sense of wonder.  By creating art, I celebrate life and attempt to communicate my thoughts, feelings, memories, and imagination in a spirit of gratitude.

Choosing titles and writing artist's statements about each painting are very important to me.  I paint things that have touched me deeply and hope that my creations will be personally meaningful to my viewers as well.  Here are my thoughts as I completed the four images shown below:

Gratitude -- On this late autumn day, my heart is filled with gratitude for the beauty of nature and the love in my life.

Remembering November -- On the bleakest days of winter, remembering November days bathed in late autumn sunshine warms my heart.

Moment of Serenity -- A fleeting glimpse of nature's beauty fills me with awe.

Bobbie Brown
Eternal Hope by Bobbie Brown
Eternal Hope
14 x 17 in.
Gratitude by Bobbie Brown
18 x 20 in.
Moment of Serenity by Bobbie Brown
Moment of Serenity
30 x 26 in.
Remembering Novemeber by Bobbie Brown
Remembering Novemeber
21 x 17 in.