Nancy Armitage

Artist Statement:

What motivates my work is the challenge to convey my emotional response to a subject. In my paintings, my most common subjects are nature and flowers. My style tends to blur the lines between representational and impressionistic, attempting to give the subject a unique and colorful voice.

My “unwilling adjustment” is having to transition through the seasons. In Winter Blues, I attempted to capture the chill of a mid-winter day while transforming the icy landscape with bright colors. Imagining winter arriving in this way makes me feel more excited about making the next seasonal transition.


Nancy has exhibited a creative nature throughout her life. When she began painting, she worked in watercolor for many years. While she honed her art, she felt there was a vibrancy missing in her paintings.  When she picked up an old box of pastel in 2017 and started working with them, she felt a new excitement and a sense of place.

Nancy Armitage
Winter Blues by Nancy Armitage
Winter Blues
23 x 18 in.