Karen Brittain

Artist Statement:

My artwork reflects the female psyche. The characters depicted are referred to as “visual assumptions”. The paintings are a response to scenarios that are assumed and magnified by imagination. Symbolism is a part of this visual language as well as the incorporation of the written word. Each painted figure includes a written story of circumstance.

As humans we are intrigued with the unknown narratives of the people we meet on a daily basis or see in the media. Perhaps unknowingly we categorize with voices in our heads. I hope to bring these voices and daydreams to life and encourage the viewer to as well.

The paintings revolve around the understanding of women. Women carry many complexities, questions, and layers, which, are often hidden and quite mysterious.

Finding narratives in art can provide insight into our own personal worlds. This is what I invite the viewer to do.

As an artist experimenting is very importa

Karen Brittain
Hero by Karen Brittain
20 x 26 in.
Rest by Karen Brittain
26 x 20 in.