Rosalie Beck

Artist Statement:

All of my paintings are done from life, from observed reality. They are composites of the way things looked over a period of hours, days sometimes weeks. In a sense, they are a record of a visual dialog between the painter and reality. Although they might be called realistic my paintings are always based on an abstraction. Some quality- an arrangement of shapes, contrast of colors or transparency or the simple gesture of a flower stem will attract me enough to want to make a painting from it. Sometimes an arrangement takes shape immediately, sometimes I move and add elements for hours until it feels right, until I feel that the colors and shapes are in harmony to support the main element.

Formal complexity and  a certain austerity  are what attracts me. Artists whom I admire include  Chardin, Luis Melendez and Luigi Lucioni  

Color in my work is naturalistically derived but altered or intensified for emotional effect.

For me, the layering of color stands for the metaphor of the rich and continuous feedback between the artis

Rosalie Beck
Daisies and Oranges by Rosalie Beck
Daisies and Oranges
Silverama by Rosalie Beck
Sweet November by Rosalie Beck
Sweet November