William Church

Artist Statement:

I first began painting in the 1980’s with oil and later with watercolor. Watercolor remained my preferred medium until earlier this year when I discovered an old box of pastels in our basement. After my first few marks and blending, I knew this would be the medium to best help me express the inspiration and feelings I enjoy when I am out in the wilderness. Since I can no longer backpack or climb the mountain trails, I try to relive those experiences through my paintings. My goal is not necessarily to replicate the scenes, but rather to paint the inspiration and emotions that I experienced there.  My hope is that the viewer will find a brief respite from their busy world and enter into the cathedral  of the wilderness and find peace and joy.

William Church
Cedar Bluff by William Church
Cedar Bluff
22 x 28 in.
Early Visitor to the High Country by William Church
Early Visitor to the High Coun...
16 x 20 in.
Path of Inspiration by William Church
Path of Inspiration
15 x 17 in.
Yosemite Dreaming by William Church
Yosemite Dreaming
15 x 17 in.