Susan Klabak

Artist Statement:

As a pastel landscape painter my intention is to transport the viewer into the scene by conveying a realistic – though not necessarily literal – interpretation, using minimal strokes. Painting with pastels evokes a sense of connection with the earth, the source of the pigments used in their making. There is an immediate response from picking up the pastel stick to the direct application to the surface.

When I am out in nature I view my surroundings with the eye of a painter. Before beginning a painting I take time to fully appreciate my surroundings by engaging all my senses -- making notes in my sketchbook about the sound of the brook, the rustle of the leaves, the warmth of the sun, the movement of the clouds -- and being aware of the essence of the moment, asking myself how this scene can be depicted in a way that will allow me to relate my experience. Yet, my paintings are not just about the present moment but also about the past, as my inspiration is informed by memories of my childhood and of the land I explored as a child. Often I am struck with a sense of urgency to capture the land as it is in that moment, and too many times I have put off creating a painting only to go back to find a loca

Susan Klabak
Autumn Lake Reflections by Susan Klabak
Autumn Lake Reflections
21 x 25 in.
He Covers the Sky with Clouds by Susan Klabak
He Covers the Sky with Clouds
24 x 24 in.
Snowy Lane by Susan Klabak
Snowy Lane
22 x 18 in.
The Skies Declare His Majesty by Susan Klabak
The Skies Declare His Majesty
20 x 24 in.