Karen Wick

Artist Statement:

I am a student of two important rules of art:  

1. Get started. 
2. Keep going. 

The starting part for me happens long before standing in front of the easel - with noticing. Noticing the bright and the twisted, the alive and the dormant, the clues to the stories that created that scene, the dance of light and lines and pettiness and grandeur and grit. The sounds and the smells. A walk in a new place is no cardio event for me – there’s too much to take in! 
I am fascinated by the challenge of translating and re-creating / co-creating both the drama and the nuances and ethereal qualities of those 3- or 4-dimensional experiences onto a 2-dimensional surface using chunky pieces of pastel and my bare hands. My paintings will sometimes have words or symbols buried in the underpainting or subtly showing through that have significance for the piece; other times, more noticeable “random” squiggles or lines appear that are an expression of an undefinable feeling or energy. 

Sometimes a moment is a monument. I strive to create that.

Karen Wick
A View of the Cosmos by Karen Wick
A View of the Cosmos
16 x 18 in.
Macro Amber by Karen Wick
Macro Amber
24 x 20 in.