Cynthia Dirtzu

Artist Statement:

We all have a need for beauty in life.  I believe it is the responsibility of an artist to provide a sanctuary of beauty in the world.  Born in Missouri and educated in Minnesota, I now live in Northeastern Wisconsin, near the shore of Lake Michigan.  I am inspired by the beauty around me and the ordinary, glorious moments of life.  Whether I am painting traditional pastels or abstract mixed media, my work celebrates God’s creation, reveling in light, color and texture.  I try to capture in a painting what my heart feels and my eyes see.  

I have always been an artist, even when I was not fully aware of it. My education as a visual artist has been with classes, workshops and countless hours of selfstudy.  There is no substitute for time spent in practice and the pursuit of excellence.  I do not consider that I have reached it, but it is always my goal.

“Art inspires us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”   -Thomas Merton

Cynthia Dirtzu
Sister Bay Impressions by Cynthia Dirtzu
Sister Bay Impressions
18 x 24 in.
Summer Sunset by Cynthia Dirtzu
Summer Sunset
21 x 15 in.
Waiting for Spring by Cynthia Dirtzu
Waiting for Spring
21 x 28 in.
Water, Fire, Earth, & Sky by Cynthia Dirtzu
Water, Fire, Earth, & Sky
28 x 21 in.