Judy Grochowski

Artist Statement:

As a mark-making media, I love pastels-pure color, flexible application, and imagination capturing!  I study the work of pastel artists with admiration and aspire to learn more.

In my lifetime journey of delving into artistic pursuits, I credit my parent’s acceptance and encouragement of my inclinations, mentors I’ve been fortunate to study alongside of, and the great fortune of being assigned to teach high school photography, which, among other things, strengthened my sense of composition. My subject matter comes either from my photography or on site…

Plein air, in a variety of environments activates my flow into being somewhere else, listening to birds or other ambient sounds.  I love this approach to painting for its immediacy, palette selections, and immersion in the subject matter, (currently my favorite is nature, due to the lively surrounds-birds, fresh air, colors, surprises, wow!)  The four pieces shown in this exhibit are from three different locales in Wisconsin, and as I look at each, I am transported back to that day and those sensations!

Judy Grochowski