Tim Spransy

Artist Statement:

There are two things in particular that move me from the challenges of daily living to being fully immersed in hope; a beautiful melody or the way light settles on a thing.

These miraculous interactions of shadow and light are transcendent melodies in and of themselves. Painting is like music in the way it can stir the human soul. My desire with each painting I do is to capture a moment that can help the viewer, if only for a moment, to forget what hurts and remember what is lovely. Creating a feeling of expectation and desire for good to come near, good briefly paying us a visit.

Tim Spransy
Grand Canyon by Tim Spransy
Grand Canyon
24 x 45 in.
Hope by Tim Spransy
20 x 16 in.
Siv by Tim Spransy
19 x 12 in.
Texas Hold 'em by Tim Spransy
Texas Hold 'em
8.5 x 17 in.
Winter Shoreline by Tim Spransy
Winter Shoreline
20 x 24 in.