Byron Gere

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(Nov. 30, 1898, Racine, Wisconsin  - Jan 1. 1962, Racine, Wisconsin)

Artist, Byron Gere, was born and died in Racine, Wisconsin; albeit with a decade long period (1919 – 1933) when he kept a studio in New York City. When he returned to Racine, Gere worked as a freelance commercial artist and then for Western Printing & Lithographing Co. and Western Advertising Agency until 1946. He then joined Western Printing Company full time.

Alongside working as a commercial artist, Gere painted professionally and exhibited across the Midwest. He won several awards for his artwork including two at Wisconsin State Fair exhibitions in 1944 and 1960, and at the Union League Chicago in

Byron Gere
Byron Gere by Byron Gere
Byron Gere