Frederick Wilhelm Hein

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BORN: March 25, 1845 - Leipzig, Germany

DIED: August 27, 1921 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

was a German-born painter known for his genre works and paintings depicting Norse mythology. He was born in Leipzig, Germany, and died in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Heine is most known for his works titled Gunga Din (or High Octopus) and his other works depicting Norse gods. He graduated with a diploma in the Early Phase of History from the Graz University in 1877, and it is believed that he received a masters degree in 1885 from the Art College of Darmstadt. He graduated with the honor of the Order of the Iron Cross (German Silver Star) and the Knight of the Thistle, France in 1888.

Friedrich Wilhelm Heine spent the first forty years of his life in Germany. At the age of fourteen he was a copper and steel engraver's apprentice a

Frederick Wilhelm Hein