Dick Wiken

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BORN: 1913, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
DIED: 1985, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Dick Wiken was born with the ability to draw and sculpt and had no formal art training beyond his 12 years of public school. By the time he was in high school, he was highly regarded for his sculpting talent and work. Wiken attended Bay View High School and his art teacher was artist Edward A. Boerner. Wiken graduated in 1931, and credited Boerner, for his training as an artist. However, Wiken went on to attend the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for two years, studying journalism, english and history.

As a self-taught sculptor, designer, and craftsman, his dream was to work for architects creating architectural sculpture. As a lifelong resident of the Milwaukee area, Wiken's many works in wood, stone, and metal decorate numerous buildings and homes in the Milwaukee area and beyond. 

Beginning his artistic career in the early days of the Great Depression in 1931, Wiken was employed during the mid to late 1930s as a member of the Wisconsin Works Progress Administration (WPA) Art Project - a federally funded program whi

Dick Wiken