Alonzo "Lonnie" Hauser

BORN: Jan. 30, 1909 in LaCrosse, WI

DIED: Nov. 29, 1988 in Minneapolis, MN

Alonzo Hauser was a prominent and prolific sculptor, artist, and educator for over five decades. 

Born in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, the Wisconsin native drew inspiration at an early age by drawing from cartoons of the early 20th century.  Alonzo graduated from LaCrosse Central High School in 1926 and began an earnest study of art after high school at the Layton School of Art in Milwaukee which he attended from 1927-1929.There he developed an interest in sculpture under Walter Quirt and Girilamo Piccoli. From 1929 - 1930 Hauser attended the University of Wisconsin in Madison studying Art History.

Driven to pursue his new found passion in sculpture, he moved to New York in 1930 and apprenticed as a stone carver under Amedio Merli. Hauser maintained a stone mason license throughout his life, which often provided a vehicle for steady income when commissions were lean. Alonzo Hauser garnered scholarships for independent studies in France 1931 and again in 1933 at the Art Student's League of New York, under the famous 20th century sculptor, William Zorach. Hauser exhibited extensively in N.Y.C., Washington D.C. and from 1936-1939 created numerous projects and commissions under government programs like the Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.), Resettlement Administration and Farm Securities Administrations.

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Alonzo "Lonnie" Hauser
Hauser Face Pic by Alonzo "Lonnie" Hauser
Hauser Face Pic
10 x 10 in.