Mark Weller

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Each photo is custom printed and framed.

Photos may be printed on paper or canvas, and available in other sizes by request.


I use my camera like a painter uses a brush.  It moves, lingers, explores and dances with my subjects.  While traditional photography generally captures three dimensions, my images explore the fourth dimension: time.  The results are painterly like creations that evolve traditional photography beyond the customary landscape.   All my images are of real places captured in time.  But through a process called “Timestacking” they are transformed into an alternative way to view reality.  There are a couple variations that I use, but my images are usually multiple exposures – oftentimes up to 100 – that are then intermingled into a final frame.  This allows my images to accentuate movement and results in bold colors and shapes. It bends traditional photography and uses new technologies to give my photographs a look suggesting post impressionism and abstraction.&

Mark Weller
A Dash of Blue by Mark Weller
A Dash of Blue
51 x 60 in.
Bridge Over Six Mile Creek by Mark Weller
Bridge Over Six Mile Creek
38 x 60 in.
Earth's Crust at Yellowstone by Mark Weller
Earth's Crust at Yellowstone
38 x 60 in.
Falling Water by Mark Weller
Falling Water
45 x 30 in.
Looking West at Sunrise by Mark Weller
Looking West at Sunrise
24 x 30 in.
Spring Brook Falls by Mark Weller
Spring Brook Falls
45 x 30 in.
Stone Farmstead by Mark Weller
Stone Farmstead
38 x 58 in.
Sunset Illuminating Clouds by Mark Weller
Sunset Illuminating Clouds
38 x 60 in.
The Pond at Giverny by Mark Weller
The Pond at Giverny
27 x 41 in.