Paul Clemens

The Gallery Seeks artwork by Paul Clemens:

BORN: October 29, 1911, Superior, WI

DIED: 1992, Sherman Oaks, CA

Paul Clemens was born in Superior, Wisconsin on October 29, 1911.  The family later moved to Milwaukee where he met and wed his wife Ruth.  Clemens studied at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, under Roland Stebbins, Oskar Hagen and Arthur Colt and graduated in 1932. He went on to study at the Art Institute of  Chicago.  

Around 1936 Clemens began creating original lithographs and from 1938 through 1945 he was the only American artist who was seriously devoting all his creative energies to the subject of sports. Some of his more famous paintings devoted to this subject matter are: (baseball) Casey at the Bat, a series of four paintings in the Memorial Union U.W. Madison, and a 1938 Federal Art Project painting titled, In the Dugout.  He also completed paintings and lithographs about football, auto and horse racing.

He was based in Milwaukee when he exhibited on Treasure Island in 1939. He began painting for the Depression-era Works Progress Administration and won several awards for figure painting, which he taught at Otis Art Institute. His awards were won at the Milwaukee Art Institute and the Na

Paul Clemens