Rain Shadows IV by Fred Berman
Rain Shadows IV
Fred Berman

Oil on Linen
72 x 56 in.
Store Window No. 3 by Fred Berman
Store Window No. 3
Fred Berman

Oil on Masonite
42 x 24 in.
Fall Landscape by Franz Biberstein
Fall Landscape
Franz Biberstein

Oil on Canvas on Board
9.5 x 13 in.
Look on the Otherside by Aaron Bohrod
Look on the Otherside
Aaron Bohrod

13.75 x 21.75 in.
Repetitian by Aaron Bohrod
Aaron Bohrod

Oil on Panel
14 x 11 in.
Wood by Aaron Bohrod
Aaron Bohrod

Oil on Board
20 x 16 in.
Edge of Woods by Tom Dietrich
Edge of Woods
Tom Dietrich

Oil on Canvas
39.5 x 51.5 in.
Ravine off Atlantic (Elliott's House) by Tom Dietrich
Ravine off Atlantic (Elliott's...
Tom Dietrich

Oil on Canvas
13.5 x 19.5 in.
Plantain Eater (E. Africa) by Bruno Ertz
Plantain Eater (E. Africa)
Bruno Ertz

Watercolor on paper
12.5 x 9.5 in.
Still Life Dish of Eggs by Patrick Farrell
Still Life Dish of Eggs
Patrick Farrell

Oil on Canvas
19.5 x 15.5 in.