By design, mother nature created flowers to attract attention and the new art show at the Gallery of Wisconsin Art (GOWA) sure accomplishes that! The current exhibition opens this Saturday, May 5th, with a sneak-peak public reception to meet the artists and get first “sniffs” from 4-7pm.

Like a barefoot stroll through the Garden of Eden, spring shoots up with a visual smorgasbord of colorful and blooming creations. There are realistic interpretations of floral still lives and precision-tight botanical illustrations of scientific significance. With unique perspectives of bugs and birds brought on the by the magic of warm weather, expansive abstractions will release your inner creativity like a breath of spring air.

When over fifty diverse artists interpret the greenery of Wisconsin, the results are quite diverse. The show includes over 160 paintings, prints, sculptures and various other works of mixed media. It marries some of Wisconsin’s most notable and historic figures (artists no longer with us) with forty living and breathing contemporary creatives tasking their imaginations and their interpretations. Results are truly expansive. Just be sure to get there before June 29th, when the bloom withers on this courageous exhibition.

Doing what the Gallery of Wisconsin Art does best, they juxtapose artistic interpretations of traditional historic Wisconsin artists with that of contemporary’s and emerging artists’. It always makes for an intriguing and educational look at one of the most classic subjects of all time. This is a great show for young and old, the bored and the brave!

About the Gallery of Wisconsin Art

The Gallery of Wisconsin Art (GOWA) opened only ten months ago in June 2017 in West Bend, WI, just a “stones-throw” south of the art museum, (MOWA). This Gallery is the ONLY gallery in the state to promote and sell artwork by early (1900-1950) historic artists from Wisconsin as well as work by contemporary artists. Exhibitions change bi-monthly in the spacious contemporary space of over 6500 sq. ft.. Casual art buyers and serious collectors will find what they are looking for in the gift shop, in person or online. A destination worth planning, also visit the HUB not-for profit coffee shop. Open Tuesday - Saturday, from 10a – 5p, and by appointment. Always free admission.

Thank you Michael Knapstein for your images of the upper level gallery during the opening reception! (seen above)


Lotus by Thomas Buchs
Thomas Buchs

18 x 18 in.
Orange Datura by Thomas Buchs
Orange Datura
Thomas Buchs

5 x 7 in.
Wisteria by Thomas Buchs
Thomas Buchs

11 x 14 in.
Flowers with Glass by Jean Crane
Flowers with Glass
Jean Crane

34 x 27 in.
Hostas by Jean Crane
Jean Crane

30 x 25 in.
Untitled by Jean Crane
Jean Crane

10.5 x 7 in.