Les Braze

Artist Biography:

After concluding a professional creative career in the special events industry, I began looking for an opportunity to utilize the influences, ideas and inspiration that I stored away for someday. While cleaning the garage I dropped a full length mirror, alas seven years bad luck.  Musing over the random pattern of the shattered mirror I began to consider the possibilities, and so inspiration found expression.

Through experimentation with starts and some catastrophes, I developed my method and materials, and began to create pieces. After I had accumulated a number of pieces, my wife persuaded me that I should show my work publically. After much prompting I entered two pieces into a local show and happily, both were purchased. Katie Gingrass, an influential long term Milwaukee gallery owner judged the show and encouraged me to continue my work. In 2015 Mrs. Gingrass invited me to exhibit my works at her gallery and featured me in her Upcoming Artist review for 2015. I have exhibited and sold works in The Katie Gingrass gallery until her recent retirement. I have recently placed my works in the Gallery of Wisconsin Art in West Bend, WI, having the hono

Les Braze
Butterflies by Les Braze
48 x 19 in.
Centerpiece by Les Braze
9.5 x 7.5 in.
Dragonfly by Les Braze
15 x 26 in.
Four Ladies by Les Braze
Four Ladies
36 x 16 in.
Leaping by Les Braze
28 x 16 in.
Orange Flowers by Les Braze
Orange Flowers
23 x 29 in.
Yearning for Orange by Les Braze
Yearning for Orange
36 x 15.25 in.