Submissions - Early / Regional




Especially interested in Wisconsin paintings 1900 - 1950ish.

We are especially interested in promoting and collecting exceptional artwork of Early Wisconsin Artists working during the period of 1900 - 1950s. There are many ways we can help you:

- We represent entire estates - Have an attic full of old paintings? We can help consign them!

- We can help you downsize your estate and collection - We represent a network of new collectors! 

- We can consign a single piece - Like that big painting that hung over your grandmother's sofa!

- We Appraise artwork. Qualified Appraiser - helpful for trusts, inheritances, insurance and taxes.

- We may purchase your artwork. Have an amazing painting and want to sell fast?


We require:

‚Äč1. Artist Name

2. Title of artwork, and description of subject

3. Date or approximate date created (if known)

4. Dimensions of art, and frame dimensions

5. Medium

6. Condition - specifically describe overall condition and flaws

7. Provenance? How did you come to own it?

8. CLEAR, Focused Photographs

  • Image of front and back and frame
  • Image of Artists signature, exhibition labels, dates, writing on back, etc.
  • Images of any flwas, condition issues
  • Images should be in JPEG format
  • Ideally Name image files with artist’s last name and title of work

9. IF desiring to sell, whats your asking price, or what you think its worth?

Email information to: 


MANY things need to be considered when selling artwork.

1. NUMEROUS benchmarks are used to value artwork, including size, condition, age, subject, historic importance, rarity, desirablity, frame, and resale potential are a few.

2. Every artist created good and bad work - so a "name" is only the beginning

3. Some Wisconsin artists are collectible and can command good prices, but unfortunately, most do not. Don't expect to get rich.

4. Understand that teh Gallery of Wisconsin Art is a retail business and needs to make money too. Like retail operations, we buy at wholesale prices and sell at retai value.   

We are happy to discuss the value of your art, and ALWAYS make reasonable offers.



Law stipulates that an appraiser should have earned an appraisal designation from a recognized professional appraiser organization OR meet certain minimum education and experience requirements. Gallery Owner Ric Hartman has a B.F.A. in Fine Art and Education from Pacific Lutheran University, and a M.F.A. in fine Art from The University of Wisconsin (Madison). Additionally, I have been an art buyer and collector for almost 40 years. I have owned and operated the Gallery of Wisconsin Art for almost 10 years. I have provided appraisals for insurance and tax purposes, and meet the Appraiser criteria. Check with your accountant or legal consultants to confirm eligibility.

2. Formal Appraisals cost from $100-$150+ depending upon your requirements.

If you have a large collection of work and would like to have a meeting to discuss, call 414-333-1942.   If you would like to consign or sell just a few pieces of artwork, email the following information to: 

If you have any questions concerning submission requirements, contact the Gallery by emailing or calling 414-333-1942.

For a list of Early Wisconsin Artists of special interest, click HERE.


As of January 2021, The GALLERY OF WISCONSIN ART, LLC (GOWA) operates online only. Continuing its mission, the gallery will promote and sell Wisconsin Art of all periods by offering web listings to estates/descendants of Early Wisconsin Artists as well as contemporary artists.  

This opportunity is available only to Artists /Consignors who have mutually respected, trusted, flexible, drama-free, and low-maintenance working relationship with the Gallery owner. Application is required, and quality is critical. Gallery owner reserves the right to discontinue representation when demands become excessive and unreasonable.


  1. ENDORSEMENT by the Gallery of Wisconsin Art at 
  2. NATIONWIDE EXPOSURE ON WEBSITE - (check it out). 
  3. ARTIST PAGE – Includes artist bio, statement, etc. Awards and past exhibition records allowed but not current or upcoming exhibitions, shows, or fairs. Updates to the web listing allowed once per year
  4. ARTIST PHOTO - featured in listing
  5. ARTWORK SAMPLES – Up to 14 pieces of artwork on your page. Artist to provide photos. Artwork should be available for purchase. Listings to include title of work, short description, dimension, price. 
  6. ARTIST’S DIRECT CONTACT INFO (unless contact through Gallery is preferred). Artist’s direct web address, email address and phone number. For privacy, no street address. 
  7. NEWSLETTER FEATURE – As time allows, gallery owner will invite artists to be featured in the Gallery Newsletter “WI ART NEWS”. Artists will supply information, photos, and help write articles. 
  8. NEWSLETTER LISTING - When possible, all artists will be listed and/or promoted in the Newsletter “WI ART NEWS” which has circulation to over 3000 contacts! 
  9. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION – Visitors will find you on the internet near the top of their search!


  1. Promotional /listing fee is $50 per year – for all/any portion of a year. This fee covers software expenses and time to maintain the website, update images, create newsletters, etc. 
  2. If you handle all communications, and aspects of a sale, there are no other fees or commissions!
  3. If you want the gallery to handle communications and negotiate a sale, there is a 25% commission.


  1. If you are interested in web listing, complete agreement and mail $50 check to address listed.
  2. If you want to be contacted directly to purchase artwork, your contact info must be listed. You will negotiate the sale directly with the customer including all terms, price, shipping, pickup, delivery, insurance, returns, costs, etc. No gallery commissions are charged if you do this.
  3. If you want the gallery to handle communications and the sale your personal contact information will NOT be listed on the website. If you prefer this arrangement a 25% commission is charged. After the sale, the gallery will send your payment less 25% commission.
  4. No Inventory will be held by the gallery, so you always retain art and coordinate shipping with buyer.
  5. If you are NOT interested or do not respond, all of your information will be removed from the GOWA website. Thank you for your involvement and continued success in the future. Stay in touch!



See agreement attached for other terms and conditions.  Thank you!