Gibson Byrd

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Gibson Byrd, a figurative and landscape painter, was a master of coloristic subtleties and atmospheric effects. Byrd's interest in figurative painting had a long history, going back to the early 1950s. His early style was characterized by boldly outlined figurative subjects in lonely or surreal surroundings, emphasized social realism, angst and banality in the twentieth century, and auto-biographical fantasy.

In the early 1980s Byrd turned away from a narrative, psychological approach and focused his attention on the rural landscape.  These landscapes focused on rural southern Wisconsin landscapes with simplified shapes using softly layered colors. His strong feel for the land was in part derived from his Shawnee Indian heritage. Although best known as an oil painter, he also worked in the mediums of gouache and pastel.

Gibson Byrd
Gibson Byrd by Gibson Byrd
Gibson Byrd
Landscape by Gibson Byrd
31 x 39 in.