Tom Dietrich

(1912, Appleton, WI - 1998 Appleton, WI)

Tom Dietrich was born in 1912 in Appleton, WI. He studied art at the University of Wisconsin Experimental College (1929 – 31), Cincinnati Art Academy (1931 – 1932), The Minneapolis School of Art (1936), Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation in New York, and a summer school in Saugatuck, Michigan.

In 1941, Dietrich married his wife, Margaret, a fellow artist. That same year, he was commissioned to paint a mural of Manhattan and the New York Harbor in the main lounge of President Van Buren’s ship (later bombed in WWII). 

Starting in 1944, Dietrich began teaching at Lawrence University in Appleton and later became an artist in residence there for thirty years. In 1952, the artist became one of the founding members of the Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors organization. 

Eight years later, Dietrich traveled to Europe to research a mural depicting Martin Luther for the Reformation for the Aid Association for Lutherans. 

In 1971-2, he

Tom Dietrich
3 People with Boats by Tom Dietrich
3 People with Boats
23.75 x 35.5 in.
Anniversary Bouquet by Tom Dietrich
Anniversary Bouquet
22 x 18 in.
Appleton Street by Tom Dietrich
Appleton Street
40 x 52 in.
Cliff Edge by Tom Dietrich
Cliff Edge
23 x 17.5 in.
Downtown Appleton (College Ave.) by Tom Dietrich
Downtown Appleton (College Ave...
23.5 x 29.5 in.
Edge of Woods by Tom Dietrich
Edge of Woods
39.5 x 51.5 in.
Fox River Near Consolidated Paper by Tom Dietrich
Fox River Near Consolidated Pa...
12.5 x 16.5 in.
Marina by Tom Dietrich
20 x 28 in.
Outskirts of Village by Tom Dietrich
Outskirts of Village
16 x 21 in.
Painting Class by Tom Dietrich
Painting Class
29.5 x 38.5 in.
Politician by Tom Dietrich
36 x 20 in.