Ken Sipes

Artist Statement:

Basket making is an ancient craft. I have always been fascinated by the many styles and types of basket construction and the materials used to craft them. Studying and collecting baskets led me to the basket maker's craft and the creation of my own baskets. Baskets can be decorative or utilitarian and are always made by hand without the use of automation. The best materials for baskets are found in nature.

For the many styles of baskets that I have made, I received the most satisfaction from the Nantucket style basket and now work exclusively in that format. I appreciate the symmetry, delicate weaving and history of this style.  As I craft a basket I am using the same materials and techniques artisans used over 150 years ago.  I replicate the original types and styles of those baskets as well as create my own variations, shapes and designs. I make all the wood components of the baskets- lids, bases and handles so I can control the use of grain and color of the wood to enhance the basket's appearance.

I am continuing the art of basketr

Ken Sipes
#20 Table Top by Ken Sipes
#20 Table Top
#21 Cherry by Ken Sipes
#21 Cherry
#5 Purse by Ken Sipes
#5 Purse
#7 Nesting Set by Ken Sipes
#7 Nesting Set