Carl Holty

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(1900, Frieburg, Germany – 1973, New York City, N

Carl Holty was Milwaukee’s first abstract artist to become internationally known. He was also a leading figure in the evolution and acceptance of non-objective art.

Carl Holty was born in Frieburg, Germany in 1900 and moved with his family to Milwaukee in his infancy.[1] He grew up in Northern Wisconsin and attended classes at Marquette University and the Milwaukee State Normal School of Art (later called the Milwaukee State Teachers College and then UW-Milwaukee). In 1919, he studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and from 1920 to 1921, he studied at the National Academy of De

Carl Holty
Carl Holty by Carl Holty
Carl Holty
Child in a Crowd by Carl Holty
Child in a Crowd
17.5 x 23.25 in.