Richard Lazzaro

Artist Biography:

Richard Lazzaro has been an advocate for abstract painting for more than fifty years as an artist and teacher. Over the years his experimentation in painting moved away from the reference of the visible world to an exploration of flat space, movement, color, direct painting and the use of nonspecific imagery. His work is intended to narrate his anxieties and desires in a language that is playful and fostering of the free expression of the creative unconscious and to evoke vigorous and lyrical expression---a vitality of spirit and life movement.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1937, Lazzaro studied at the Cleveland Institute of Art (1955-59), Kent State University (BFA, 1961), and the University of Illinois (MFA, 1963).  He taught at the University of Illinois from 1961-63, and is an Emeritus Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he taught drawing and painting from 1963 - 2001 and served as Graduate Program Chairman and 2-D Area Chairman during his tenure.  He has lived in Mexico, New York City and Europe.  He resides in Stoughton, Wisconsin where he and his wife, Giovanna, owned and operated an art gallery.

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Richard Lazzaro
Ascending & Soaring by Richard Lazzaro
Ascending & Soaring
25 x 36 in.
Between Two Worlds by Richard Lazzaro
Between Two Worlds
25 x 36 in.
Blue Mound by Richard Lazzaro
Blue Mound
60 x 60 in.
Chevas Divide by Richard Lazzaro
Chevas Divide
30 x 22 in.
Concordia by Richard Lazzaro
72 x 89 in.
Converging Wisdom by Richard Lazzaro
Converging Wisdom
30 x 26 in.
Garden of the Moth by Richard Lazzaro
Garden of the Moth
13.75 x 16.25 in.
Kezar by Richard Lazzaro
57 x 68 in.
Menage by Richard Lazzaro
120 x 52 in.
Monument & Phasing Tangents by Richard Lazzaro
Monument & Phasing Tangents
35 x 29 in.
Phasing Memories by Richard Lazzaro
Phasing Memories
36 x 49 in.
Prodigy by Richard Lazzaro
25 x 36 in.