Valerie Mangion

Artist Statement:

I sometimes describe my work as “Midwest Magic Regionalism.” I paint mostly in oil on wood panels. I am a narrative artist and addicted journal keeper, driven to tell stories in written form in my journals and in visual form in my paintings.

I’m not sure what I’m going to paint next, but it will likely include birds or animals and it will probably attempt to convey something about the human condition that is both personal and universal. It’s going to be really good and you should buy it!


I was raised in two Chicago suburbs, Glen Ellyn and Long Grove, IL.  I hated high school, so I graduated at the end of my junior year and went right to college in Champaign/Urbana, where I got a BFA.

After college, I lived in the city of Chicago for a couple years. I was lucky enough to join Thursday night figure drawing classes at (then) Loop College led by one of my favorite artists of all time, Seymour Rosofsky. He was part of the “Monster Roster” affiliated with the Chicago Imagists. He died in 1981.

After my father died, also in 1981, I moved home with my mother briefly. She bought me a car, which allowed me to move to Seattle. I left my paintings behind but everything else I owned at that time fit into my AMC Concord station wagon. I miss those days of owning almost nothing!

I lived in Seattle for eight years, during whi

Valerie Mangion
Fire in the Snow by Valerie Mangion
Fire in the Snow
36 x 48 in.
Gibbon over Wisconsin by Valerie Mangion
Gibbon over Wisconsin
7.25 x 5 in.
Milkweed by Valerie Mangion
11.75 x 11.75 in.
Nosedive by Valerie Mangion
20 x 20 in.
Now Do You Like My Rat? by Valerie Mangion
Now Do You Like My Rat?
12 x 12 in.
Pepe's Nightmare by Valerie Mangion
Pepe's Nightmare
12 x 14 in.
Secret Meeting of the Gingers by Valerie Mangion
Secret Meeting of the Gingers
42.18 x 54.06 in.
Stumpy Trunky by Valerie Mangion
Stumpy Trunky
20 x 16 in.
Talented Pug by Valerie Mangion
Talented Pug
6 x 8 in.
The Buckskin by Valerie Mangion
The Buckskin
7.75 x 12 in.
The Ill-Concealed Guards by Valerie Mangion
The Ill-Concealed Guards
22 x 28 in.
The Possum by Valerie Mangion
The Possum
12 x 14 in.