Valerie Mangion

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Artist Statement and Biography

I have been drawing and painting animals since I was four. For me, loving, caring for and painting animals make living worthwhile. Through my art, I strive to be a voice for the voiceless; I want animals to be seen.

Sometimes labeled as a visionary artist, I think of myself as a midwest magic sur-regionalist. I believe my best work successfully balances both seriousness and humor.

Valerie Mangion
Animals Dreaming by Valerie Mangion
Animals Dreaming
48 x 42 in.
Animals Sleeping: Bee #1 by Valerie Mangion
Animals Sleeping: Bee #1
12 x 15 in.
Balehenge by Valerie Mangion
14 x 18 in.
Blue Heron by Valerie Mangion
Blue Heron
10 x 10 in.
Born in a Manger by Valerie Mangion
Born in a Manger
6 x 8 in.
Crying Hyena by Valerie Mangion
Crying Hyena
12 x 12 in.
Fire in the Snow by Valerie Mangion
Fire in the Snow
36 x 48 in.
Gibbon over Wisconsin by Valerie Mangion
Gibbon over Wisconsin
7.25 x 5 in.
Night Vision: One by Valerie Mangion
Night Vision: One
12 x 16 in.