Ronald Zdroik

Artist Statement:

Art has always been a very important part of my life – my entire life. I owned a graphic design firm for over twenty years and now I am an illustrator for a patent law firm, among many other duties. Whether it is a painting that hangs in a gallery or a great ad campaign that launches a new product or service, or even a detailed technical drawing for a new invention, creativity and vision are required for all forms of artwork.

My artistic tools range from an ordinary pencil to the computer. Not wishing to be focused on one specific style, I enjoy using a wide variety of methods and mediums and continuously strive to experiment and add to my knowledge. My primary interest is three dimensional sculptural work using wood in combination with numerous other mediums, such as acrylic paint, copper, steel, glass, stone, metal leaf, ceramic and scratchboard which add new and artistic surface embellishments. I also incorporate piercing and carving to further enhance the surface and texture of the wood.

All of these methods allow me to express my ideas in ve

Ronald Zdroik