Steve Haas


Mobiles cross many lines, appealing to art lovers and many non-art lovers.  They sometimes fascinate people at a technical level and others with graceful movement or the challenge of precise balance.  In a public setting my work employs a volume of otherwise empty space and pulls it into focus with a changing reaction to light, gentle motion and challenges the viewer with an unusual combination of simplicity and complexity.

I have been fascinated by the mobile since being assigned to produce one as senior in high school with Alexander Calder as the reference.  I made mobiles casually for about fifteen years with a concept for a new approach percolating in my head.  In the mid 80’s, tools were acquired to make other tools of my own design that allowed me to explore this idea.  Naturally it took off in unexpected directions and what I call the “integrated mobile” developed.  The metal is cut, finished and balanced by my hand and not using high tech, industrial equipment as is often assumed.

What sets the integrated mobile apart is the use of cut forms of aluminum incorporating all elements of the le

Steve Haas
Black Moth by Steve Haas
Black Moth
40 x 40 in.
Flow by Steve Haas
14 x 28 in.
Scattered Flight by Steve Haas
Scattered Flight
36 x 72 in.
Small Contrail by Steve Haas
Small Contrail
6 x 27 in.
Taking Flight by Steve Haas
Taking Flight
14 x 28 in.
Wing by Steve Haas
8 x 24 in.