Martin Keey

Artist Statement:
Photography has the power to not only capture a moment but to force a person to dwell in it.  Bring someone to contemplate and evaluate the world they live in.  A photographer can show a world that is hidden in plain sight.  That place and time could be to demonstrate the beauty, ugliness, injustice or grandeur.  Thru my photography I try to do all those things.  Each photo is to tell and show the viewer something I have to say.  I pray you're listening. 

Artist Biography: 
In 2000 my wife and I joined a Harley-Davidson motorcycle group.  We quickly became immersed in the lifestyle and culture.  I was asked by the chapter president to become the photographer for the group.  With my first camera in hand I became a self taught photo journalist of sorts.  My photographic style is  cultivated by always looking for a new creative way to portray my journey. A few night courses at local schools gave me more knowledge but studying the work o

Martin Keey