Karla Byl

Artist Statement:

My Simply DollFace Artwork is a reflection of myself.  I am a colorful, fun loving, whimsical, people person.  I love life, love to laugh, and love the creative process.

Shopping flea markets and antique shops to find old, worn treasures to repurpose and give them new life is my passion.  As they say, one person’s junk is another person’s treasure.

I create my art to send happy, positive messages to everyone!

Smile DollFace!!!!

Artist Biography:

I am a retired elementary art teacher and mixed media and collage artist.  I create whimsical faces and people to celebrate the lives of all of those around us.  Each piece sends a colorful message of fun, laughter, and love of life.

Karla Byl
Fabulous Fran by Karla Byl
Fabulous Fran
10 x 10 in.
Fun Friends by Karla Byl
Fun Friends
20 x 16 in.
Get Your Doll Face On by Karla Byl
Get Your Doll Face On
42 x 28 in.
Happy Hilda by Karla Byl
Happy Hilda
10 x 10 in.
Home Sweet Joan by Karla Byl
Home Sweet Joan
Mona Mae by Karla Byl
Mona Mae
14 x 18 in.
Peg & Laddie by Karla Byl
Peg & Laddie
Spread Your Wings & Fly by Karla Byl
Spread Your Wings & Fly
12 x 10 in.
Teddy by Karla Byl
10 x 10 in.